Ch ch ch ch changes…

Let us just take a moment and reflect on this unit and the last 8 weeks.

So, what have you discovered?

I was quite shocked to realise what had changed since starting this unit. I was into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I still have most of these accounts, except for Instagram, however I have changed the way I use them.

I have started to overhaul my Facebook account. Who I’m ‘friends’ with, what I’m tagged in, photos I upload. I have also overhauled my Twitter account with who I follow. I unpinned everything on my Pinterest boards (damn copyright) and have just liked photos instead.

I can’t say that it has made me ‘dislike’ social media and their platforms, however, it has certainly made me look at things from a different perspective. I think this is a good thing. It has definitely made me appreciate my privacy and others’ privacy much more.

I’m sure this is not going to be the end, social media will only evolve, it will be a continuing journey. It has been great so far, I hope you have also enjoyed and grown from the experience. Interested to hear about yours.


Copyright , not black and white

When we covered video sharing and You Tube the other lesson, the most imoprtant thing I took away from it was copyright. I loved the copyright video we watched because I think it made it easy to understand, like a dummies guide let’s say, because I can admit it, I’m a bit of a dummy when it comes to copyright.

Now, although I think it explained things quite well, it did make me question a few things. One of the scenes was of Russell singing a song written by another band. Come on, who has not seen a You Tube clip of someone trying to expose their talents by covering an artists song? So, has copyright been breached by all these people? Well, maybe not. There is the issue of fair use. Were they really out there to make money or make people think it’s their own work? Also comes down to the person who owns the right to the song. Maybe they were flattered and saw no harm.

Copyright is not necessarily black and white in some cases. However, the rules are there. I think we need to be more aware of the information we share and how we share it. 

That’s my rant for the day.

Photosharing is caring – or is it?

I have to admit, I was a little scepticle about the use of photosharing in libraries. I was fascinated with the way the Bond University Library was using Instagram but after also covering Flickr, and not being a fan of it’s layout, I was still unsure it had a place.

However, I have had a change of heart. After covering Pinterest last week, I was amazed to see some examples of libraries who are using photosharing tools exceptionally well.

I had seen one library’s Pinterest page and found it almost unneccessary. The content was mainly photos of some events that were held at the library. Although it is great to be sharing this with the community, I felt it lacked a little substance. I don’t think they used Pinterest to it’s full potential. I liked Pinterest’s layout. It was very visually pleasing, easy to follow and clear. The ability to have many boards creates a great way to categorise photos.

Although, I don’t necessarily think that it is for all libraries (but which platform is?), I do see where it has potential.